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Shetland Racers turn to Showjumping

With the racing season over the ponies carry on working until Christmas so that new riders can get used to them for the season ahead & any new ponies can get the hang of the job. To keep their work varied we decided to take the ponies showjumping at West Wilts. Newbie Abbotsbury Dyva took everything in her stride on her first ever attempt at showjumping. Carmilo Temptation was her usual self- quirky yet capable- coming away with a second place! Star of the day had to be Oldeworlde Daniel who has found his second calling. Dan has never show jumped before but he absolutely flew, being careful not to touch any poles, showing no hesitation at fillers or spreads and proved nimble enough to get a decent time against ponies & horses 3 times his size with adult riders. It was a proud moment when Dan & Fleur finished 2nd in a full up 55cm class. We are looking forward to getting the ponies out showjumping again soon.

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