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Fame for Florence again!

After her day posing as past Grand National Winner, Aldaniti, Carmilo Temptation had a change of jockey from Fleur to Charlie and headed for Cheltenham. With the infamous Cheltenham hill being a challenge to even the best race horses, we knew little Florence would have to run her socks off to get anywhere in the Cheltenham shetland race at the November meet. A cold day, heavy going and 12 very competitive starters didn't have us feeling very hopeful for Florence & Charlie's end result, however, they certainly proved us wrong coming a very credible 3rd!

It was a fantastic experience to race at Cheltenham and we are very grateful to SPGN for allowing us to have these wonderful opportunities.

To top off the fantastic experience, we were very surprised to open the newspaper the next day to a lovely picture of Florence & Charlie giving it their all in the closing lengths of the race.

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